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Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Iowa, United States of America
Twenty-four-year-old, with a pretty average life. Obsessed with fandom a bit too much, and pretty content with the way things are.

Always interested in meeting new people, so feel free to say hello. An intro post, if you feel like learning a little more about me.

Oh Geena, my Geena
You are so keen-a
I love your posts
You give me my daily dose
of awesome
oh Geena, my Geena

-- [info]chardonnay

geena makes me swoon
no meat for her, she is kind
she loves her kelly

o geena of light
she is funny and so sweet
delicious tofu

-- [info]bellasmommy

My love for you is like a cake- BESERKER
In your icing I will partake-BESERKER

-- [info]unicorn_fart

-- [info]nietzschekeen

-- [info]djmadadam
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