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Thanks to Seemo for the awesome icon. Anyway, I thought it was time to put my info page on DW.

Important People:

Kelly (aka [personal profile] lookingglass)-- My partner/SO. Chances are that you'll end up with her on your friends list too. I talk about her a lot. I'm in love with this girl, and I'm lucky that she lets me share her bed. She also has fibro, EDS, and other severe pain problems. I'm her caregiver and we have Life Plans, so I might talk about that shit from time to time. I also post a lot about things like her meds, doctor appointments, and general care, because I'm boring. Point is, I love my girl.

Caitie (aka [personal profile] xjapanfangrl)-- Our girlfriend. It's all in the early stages, but a little while ago the three of us realized a mutual attraction (physical, mental, emotional) and we're dating. Caitie is an amazing girl (absolutely brilliant), and one of the sweetest people I know. She's dating Kelly and I as a couple, and we're visiting her soon. I'm thrilled with how things are going and that I'm with two wonderful people.

Sara (aka [personal profile] sarcasticsra)-- I've known Sara for years. She's a brilliant, dear friend of mine and is leagues above others. She's a great writer and someone that I can talk to about things others don't get. I have hearts for her.

Amy (aka [personal profile] gandolforf)-- Amy was one of my first (if not the first) of my LJ friends. She's been an extremely close/best friend of mine since I was sixteen and we have eons of history together. We had something of a falling out a while back, but it's been righted. She's hilarious, talented, and the sweetest, most giving person you'll know. Also, she has the most adorable daughter to live.

Elliot-- My BFF since I was five. He's still in Chicago, but I love him so much. We've been close since forever. He attended UIC (so did I, for a year). He's gay, and recently fell head-over-heels for Jared. Jared, who lied through his teeth about having been tested, then sexed Elliot, then passed on HIV to my boy. Grr. Point is, I love Elliot. I hate Jared.

Derek-- My second-oldest brother. He's five years older than me and my favorite sibling. We get along great, like very close friends. It's insane how much we have in common. And the cool thing? He just moved to San Fransisco.

Ava-- My kitten, who is currently four months old and the size of an adult cat. She's a giant. Hyper, loving, and occasionally bad, she's my first cat. I've wanted one all my life.

Hawkeye-- Kelly's six-year-old cat that she rescued from an abortion. Kelly raised and nursed Hawkeye from the start and their bond is so strong and adoring. Hawkeye's a very independent cat and while she's taking to liking me in the past year and a half, she's not exactly one for cuddles. She also has one eye.

I also have eight full siblings-- Jeff (twenty-seven), Derek (twenty-six), Julia (twenty-four), Hannah (twenty-three), Autumn (twenty), Colin (sixteen), Alex (thirteen), and Sarah (dead). I talk about being from a big family a lot.

Judy-- My stepmother. Kind of a drunk, but mostly cool.

Dad-- My, uh, dad. He's a fifty-three-year-old ~*~rockstar~*~ trying to make it big. Still. He's also a drunk, a druggie, and he hasn't worked in years because he just doesn't want to. I love him a lot, but he's a flake.

Mom-- My mother. We have a severe love-hate relationship. She blames me for Sarah, most of the time, and I blame her for Greg. At best, we're civil to each other.

Greg-- My stepfather. He physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually abused me for seven years. Severely so. I've been told (by a professional) that I have PTSD. He's still in my mother's life, and I still see him from time-to-time. I also hate him with every fiber of my being.

Important Things:

-- In the past few months I've bounced from job to job due to various issues like car accidents, downsizing, illness, etc. I'm currently focusing on taking care of Kelly and the house.

-- I'm working through a lot of things, right now. Most of which have been repressed. Including the rape and physical abuse that's on par with things you only read about. As such, I talk about it fairly often. I have a filter that's telling my 'story' as it is-- if you want on it, let me know and I'll add you.

-- When I was sixteen, my youngest sister died. It has had a huge effect on me.

-- I'm going deaf, and will be deaf well before I'm 25.

-- I hate Macon, but I moved to California so that's that.

-- I love Chicago/the Midwest.

-- I have the worst luck ever. Believe me.

-- I have an extremely sarcastic sense of humor.

-- I'm involved (in varying degrees) in a variety of fandoms (the biggest being HP, MASH, House, and Buffy/Angel, Holmes, and Jeeves and Wooster). I'm a fangirl.

-- Due to Kelly dealing with previously mentioned medical issues, we're currently living with her family. Her mother, father, and fifteen-year-old brother (Matt) live in the house with us now, though she does have two (and a half) other siblings. I love, adore, and appreciate these people, but sometimes I want to strangle someone. There are also six cats and soon-to-be a puppy living in this household.

So, yeah. That's me.

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Date: 2009-05-08 03:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cora
HOUSE!! &!! CUDDY!! FOREVER!! (yeah, I don't typically type that annoyingly :P)

What I hate about some of the fanfic writers is when they bring up House's bad traits. TV has a way of glossing over and romanticising the way House screws Wilson over, but in writing, it makes him sound like *such* a bastard. Like one that ought to be thrown in jail.

From what I can tell, House is very uncomfortable with his emotions/himself so he puts on this persona like he's a grade A bastard/asshole, to hide how much he really does care. And I think he's so into denial that he won't even let himself know just how much he cares, not even in private.

I can kind of relate because I hate crying. I don't like doing it in public and I definitely don't like doing it in private.

I haven't seen too many eps, so please let me know if I'm making House out to be a woobie where there's none to be found!


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