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In the beginning of January, Kelly has an important doctor's appointment at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. As we don't have a car, this requires us to take the Greyhound bus and stay for one night in a motel. Doable, but we're also on a very tight budget. We'll need about $200-$220 dollars for expenses. I've been doing odd jobs and babysitting for people for cash recently, since it works so well around my class schedule, and we should be able to save this up in the next few months but still, I thought I'd try my hand at gathering together more funds to ensure that we do what needs to be done.

I'm offering to write personal drabbles for anyone interested at $1 each. This means any fandom (or original work), pairing, theme, rating, characters, or whatever of your choice. You call all the shots and I'll write it. If you're worried that I might not know the fandom, ask me and I can let you know. This is for as many as you like, whatever you like. Just $1 per 100 words (and if you want an actual fic, something longer, let me know and we can negotiate something). It will be sent to you (and/or posted, depending on your wants) within three days. You can find more of my fandom works over here.

Kelly is also offering their writing and editing skills over here.

Again, this is not an emergency or anything of the like. I am just doing what I can to gather as much as we can for expenses for this rare trip and appointment.

If you know anyone who might be interested, send them on over.

Also, if anyone is aware of really inexpensive motels or cab companies in Iowa City, please let us know! Never hurts to make sure we're going with our best options available.

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